A Step Beyond & Associates

Mission: to provide a welcoming, confidential and integrated service that is responsive to the needs of each individual so that the possibilities are in place.

Goal: to maximize success, commit and reduce barriers to service.

Our Obligation:

- We are an association that advocates on behalf of clients who have a severe and prolonged impairment being physical or mental function, all or some of the time.

- A Step Beyond & Associates services all Manitobans, our intention and obligation is to ensure that what is entitled by law, that you receive a tax refund.

- Many Disability Tax Credit claims are denied due to technnical errors or lack of pertinent information, A Step Beyond & Associates will complete the form for you.

- We can identify the obstacles that leave potential uncertainties for clients who are applying for the Disability Tax Credit.

- An improperly completed application limits the chances of approval.

- A Step Beyond & Associates interprets and streamlines the information that you provide so that accuracy is implemented when applying for Disability Tax Credit; we handle all the correspondence.

A Step Beyond & Associates is a member of the Better Business Bureau or Winnipeg and Manitoba


Process Towards Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

- The eligibility is based on the effect of the impairment.

- A person may be eligible to apply for DTC if he or she has a mental or physical impairment that is severe and lasted at least 12 consecutive months.

- If you have a disabled child who qualifies under one of the area - physical impairment and / or mental function; your child's DTC may be transferred to a guardian-caregiver.

Claiming Disability Tax Credit

- This tax credit is complex, open to interpretation as to eligibility and is time consuming in completing the necessary Disability Tax Credit forms.

- Even if you did not qualify for Disability Tax Credit in the past, it is worth applying again as the eligibility criteria always changes.

- Also this Disability Tax Credit is often overlooked because of a belief that disability is restricted to individuals confined to a bed, wheelchair or you many not think of yourself as disabled, but a number of familiar conditions may make you eligible.

Community Service

- At times, A Step Beyond & Associates provides a community service such as a presentation to a general audience talking about Disability Tax Credit. This is possible by making the necessary arrangement on an invitational basis. If your group or organization is interested, please visit CONTACT US on this website to discuss the matter in detail.

If you or someone you know has a disability, please call or email A Step Beyond & Associates for a consultation.

A Step Beyond & Associates will file a formal objection to appeal the decision on your behalf, asking to review your Disability Tax C redit Certificate if identified as not eligible.  Your file will be reviewed by the Appeals Branch and an eligibility determination will be made available in due time.