To receive a credit refund due to the nature of your disability; it must be severe, prolonged and cause a marked restriction in the activities of your daily life.

A Step Beyond & Associates can discuss your situation(see Contact).

The discussion will assist us to review your options and discuss your present situation, whether or not you would qualify for any Disability Tax Credit.

Are You Eligible for a Disability Tax Credit Claim?

Maybe you are eligible for disability tax credit-DTC claim if a qualified practitioner (medical doctor, optometrist, audiologist,
occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist and speech-language pathologist) certifies on the DTC form that you have a
prolonged impairment and certifies its effects.

One can identify if there is a possibility/may be eligible to claim the disability amount-DTC, please use the self-assessment questionnaire.

As a taxpayer with a potentially qualifying disability, A Step Beyond & Associates can advocate on your behalf to apply for a Disability Tax Credit.

As an applicant you authorize A Step Beyond & Associates to represent your interest to ensure that your application is interpreted and completed properly. This eliminates potential uncertainties and streamlines the information so that it is accurate before submission.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire:

The self-assessment questionnaire provides or helps you to assess whether you may be eligible for the DTC claim (also called disability

Download the assessment form and mail to A Step Beyond & Associates